Seasons Greetings

All of the team here at THINKlab would like to wish all our friends, colleagues and customers a Merry Christmas and a successful New Year! We hope you enjoy the festivities and we look forward to working with you all again in 2016!  

Virtual Chernobyl

THINKlab have developed a virtual reality experience that allows users to ‘visit’ Chernobyl to see and learn about the animals who live in the radioactive ‘exclusion zone’ in Ukraine and Belarus. ‘Virtual Chernobyl’ helps communicate findings from an ongoing programme of research on the wildlife of Chernobyl, which is being led by Dr Mike Wood

Design 3D On-Line Gaming Environment for Learning how to Design Green Buildings

New paper produced by THINKlab’s Design4energy (D4E) project team and Fraunhofer IAO presents the approach used in the D4E project to design learning modules for both students and professionals within the 3D on-line gaming environment to learn ‘how to design Green Buildings’. Paper gaming environment for learning how to design green buildings

How THINKlab Services can add value to your business

Take a look at THINKlab’s new video demonstrating how our expertise in developing bespoke visualisation and software solutions in areas such as 3D visualisation, city modelling, virtual prototyping, business data analytics and interactive training environments can add value to your business and improve audience engagement.

Collaborative Virtual Environments for Space Science

As part of the European research project CROSS DRIVE, our researchers at THINKlab are working with Thales Alenia Space Italia and the German Aerospace Centre to develop a collaborative telepresence workspace for space scientists.   The vision is to combine advanced 3D visualisation techniques and interactive tools in conjunction with immersive virtual telepresence. The main

Virtual Pendleton Project

THINKlab’s commercial team, working primarily with Professor Garry Crawford in Sociology at University of Salford, have produced an innovative virtual environment of Pendleton, which allows users to explore this historic and important area’s past, present and future. An interactive visualisation was produced allowing users to explore Pendleton Park and its surroundings in real time. The

Presentation on Non-Solid diffusers: Bringing CVEs to reality

On Thursday 24th June THINKlab hosted a talk from Dr Diego Martinez Plasencia, Research Associate in Human-Computer Interaction, 3D Graphics at University of Bristol. His presentation entitled ‘Non-Solid diffusers: Bringing CVE’s to reality’ explored formats for non intrusive virtual reality. Back  in  1965,  Ivan  Sutherland  proposed  his  vision  of  the  Ultimate  Display .  Such  display  would  create  virtual

Inside the THINKlab

Mark Hillson recently visited THINKlab and has written a great article about us for the ‘On the Platform’ website.  Take a look at what he had to say Inside the THINKlab  

Deriving Value through BIM & Advanced Visualisation

The Government strategy for all public sector centrally procured construction projects to be delivered using BIM by 2016 has created major changes in the construction industry in the methods used to design and build offices, homes and other civil engineering projects. Building Information Modelling (BIM) now allow effective collaboration between architects, engineers and constructors in

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